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On Monday the 25th of June 2007 parts of Longlevens in Gloucestershire were flooded, including Cypress Gardens, Evergreen Walk, Greyhound Gardens, Clomoney Way and Park Avenue. Unlike other floods in the UK that happened that week, the flood waters rose to over four feet deep in some properties before receding completely all within 8 hours.

This appears to be unnatural flood behaviour compared to other flooded areas where the water remains for days if not weeks.

Therefore was the flooding of Longlevens caused by human or mechanical error?

This web site was setup to allow the resident to share information, access documentation, track the latest news from the flood committee and find contact details for committee members.

flooded street

We originally set out to answer the question, 'Was the Flooding in Longlevens caused by human or mechanical error?', in the end it was more important to work with the agencies that could help us become flood free in the future rather than trying to point blame at a specific company or agency for causing the flooding in the first place.

Since the successful installation of the balancing ponds, removal of the foot bridge in Cypress Gardens, the raising of the brooks banks and the continued general maintance of the brook by the Environment Agency and council, the Flood Committee have dispanded and no further updates will be made to this site.

However, we have decided to leave both the site up and Brook Cam active as a searchable resource for both residents and other communities struck by flooding, to see what is possible when you form a team as residents and are willing to work alongside the Environment Agency helping you reduce the flood risk to your properties.