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Please note - Brookcam is no longer functional and will not update.

The flood committee cannot be held responsible for the content of advertised sites.

Brook Cam information.

What is this webcam showing?
The webcam is aimed at the Horsbere Brook on the west side of Cypress Gardens.
Extending from the left hand side of the image is the Clomoney Way bridge.

Why can't I see any water?
Under normal conditions the water level is not really visable in the brook. After reasonable but not excessive rainfall water is clearly visable downstream of the Clomoney Way bridge. When water can be seen all the way along the brook the water level must have risen by over a meter.

Why does it look like its snowed?
The camera is both a day and night vision capable camera and in its night mode the colours produced can look wrong, the grass becomes very light making it look like theres snow on it.

The picture isn't working, its just white?
Due to the camera pointing west it can be blinded by the sun in late afternoon, when this happens the image can go completely white. There is nothing that can be done about this but we have angled the camera as best we can to reduce this happening. The image will return once the sun drops lower behind the houses.

Where did the idea of webcam come from?
After the flooding many residents where concerned with being away from their property when it was raining heavily, the unknown water level in the brook was making an already stressful situation worse. Instead of having phone calls and text messages being sent around under these conditions the committee decided to investigate the possiblity of a webcam, and hence Brook Cam was born.

The original camera was a cheap Logitech webcam which only worked in full daylight and offered limited quality. After the near miss in January the Gloucester Fire and Rescue services realised how useful the camera was and provided a better quality camera but this has since been replaced with a specialised weather proof full night vision capable camera which is now providing the image.